Quite Please

Poloniex posted a message to user on the platform to state that the “Trollbox” has been disabled!

Poloniex Troll Box

Users are in uproar! many users, used this platform to discuss trends of crypto and share both positive and negative news about the current state of each cryptocurrency!

The Poloniex troll box, was moderated very aggressively, and users were often banned for 1 hour for making comments which Poloniex moderators didn’t see fit, however after aggressive trolling moderators would then up the ban to 24 hours.

Users of poloniex were seen to chat about various aspects of the Crypto space, often sharing latest news just in links, or trying to manipulate the chat so that other users might support a chosen coin or sell. You would often see someone post something about a certain coin and straight away in many cases the market often moved based on the user comments. Anyone posting “to the moon” posts were often banned also.

It can said that this is a good move, as now moderators can spend time better suited to support, rather than dealing with people who are trying to manipulate the market by often posting fake news, and trying to drive a specific coin for gain and of course a pumping and dumping situtation .

What are you views on this, let us know in the comments below, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing! and don’t forget to share this news!


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