ALFAcashier now supports Ripple (XRP)

A post from popular user Cizheida gained a interesting response to the future of this incredible coin.

Ripple will take advantage of the chaos that the bitcoin (potential,) fork will cause. Don’t be a high and mighty here. Ripple will look to take advantage of this and I expect the coin to rise in value tremendously.

Bank of America is partnered up with the Ripple Team and will ensure they hold the first and last chance of the average American’s ability to own the coin. I assure you, it will be added to Coinbase (or some variation of a Coinbase application,) before the BTC panic sets in, mid July 2017.

Banks don’t lose, Banks Won’t lose. However for once, I will be the one making the money off the banks. Let the elitist hold their nose up to it. Ripple isn’t about them, (even if they will be forced to use it.)

Just think, if the Banks choose to stay rich, wouldn’t it be smart to integrate the ability to easily switch crypto to fiat? Just stroll into a bank, pull your phone out, press a few spots on your iPhone 10’s screen and move your Bitcoin/ETH/Etc to ripple, and quickly transfer it to cash, no charge… No I’m not a genius, nor has this thought by passed the smartest and most brilliant financial minds in the US. Ripple will over take all Cryptos by the year 2020. Each XRP token will be valued at over $100 US dollars or more, and the dawn of one world currency will be upon us.

One last note, since there are so few XRP tokens, (100 billion, yes, that is very few, if you take your head out of your exceptionally small crypto world and start seeing the big WORLD WIDE picture,) this small amount of coins, is the single only coin currently in circulation that has the ability to connect every bank in the world, (as if people would choose bitcoin and it’s stigma over a worldwide trusted bank’s endorsement,)

Ripple and XRP will rule the world. Say hello to your future.

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