Smart Billions

The SmartBillions Blockchain lottery has announced that its ICO will take place on the 16th of October, 2017. The project has been stated to be the first of its kind on the Blockchain and being fully transparent. The project proposed a safety measure allowing investors to redeem their tokens for a partial refund, a measure like this has never been seen in any other ICO projects. As a matter of fact, it is due to this feature that SmartBillions has been talked about quite frequently by cryptocurrency aficionados that can hardly wait for the opportunity to jump aboard the project.

The SmartBillions lottery platform will launch on the same day as the ICO. The platform will be operated through the use of PLAY tokens, which will be going for 0,001 ETH or about 30 cents during the launch.

ICO investors will be able to gain great foreseeable returns by acquiring some of the 252 million tokens that the project plans on releasing. The total number of tokens that will be offered adds up to about 200,000 units of Ethereum in total. Meaning that approximately 58 million dollars are expected to be raised by the team behind SmartBillions. Investors will be allotted about 73.37% of all of the tokens that the platform will issue. The remaining tokens will be used by the international developer team behind the platform. About two weeks after the ICO concludes, the PLAY tokens will be available for trading purposes on most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the price will most likely be much greater than in comparison to the launch price of 0.001 ETH per unit.

The Blockchain lottery will provide investors and token holders with monthly dividends. Dividends will be derived from 5% of the total sum raised from lottery ticket sales, with 90% of that sum being used to fund the lottery jackpot pool. The SmartBillions project has already garnered a huge amount of attention from crypto followers, at only 30 cents per token. From an investors point of view, the PLAY tokens will only appreciate in value as the project continues to grow larger and develop by attracting new lottery players.

A key factor in the slow growth of online lottery systems is a lack of transparency. SmartBillions aims to be fully transparent in the eyes of its players. The end goal is to brew new trust towards quality lottery markets. SmartBillions is warping the lottery industry by providing a decentralized and transparent betting system that cannot influence draw results and winner payouts. Thereby, creating a fair game in which everyone can participate.

Thanks to its innovate platform, and secure system, SmartBillions literally blows its competition out of the water. The platform has an unlimited market potential and is creating something that both, Blockchain professionals, as well as the general public can benefit from. With SmartBillions, the sky is the limit. However, there is more to gain from this project during its early stages, as the token is expected to appreciate heavily.

The launch of the SmartBillions platform marks the start of change in the lottery industry by providing a more quality system that promotes and establishes ultimate trust. The platform is a community driven idea that supports the Ethereum and gameplay communities. The team behind SmartBillions are going to become key players in the disruptive Blockchain movement that is becoming more and more commonplace.

It is not unreasonable to believe that over 70% of all of the worlds markets and industries will be heavily reliant on Blockchain technology by the year 2025. This is in part due to the trust and transparency that can be derived from self-executing, immutable smart contracts that are based on the Blockchain platform that allows no third party meddling or unwanted intervention.

For additional information regarding SmartBillions and their upcoming ICO, refer to their website at

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